too-high-to-careee:  So I was really upset about not going to warped this year, I haven't missed a year in like six, so it hurt, but I was even more upset when I found out you went to the Orlando one, that's the one I would've went to. I love you and I think you're perf!

aww noo :( I was giving people who came up to me hugs. Maybe next year? Thank you love :’)

feeelmybonesignite:  you're so beautiful ugh

Thank you babe :)

u-u-tf:  Cwissi baby I thought you unfollowed me and I was heartbroken but I just saw that you reblogged something from me & it made my night xo

omg no ily blog <3

Anonymous:  can you make a video about your extensions? like how you care for them and blend them and stuff? love your videos <3

i’ll be making that video very soon :) thank you!

Anonymous:  What's your Instagram?? xoxo


Anonymous:  you're not a fucking drag queen, you just dress the way you feel comfortable and beautiful omfg people are so dumb

i mean there are transgender drag queens and that’s cool and all but that’s not my thing lol