little-miss-lion:  You are 100% my woman crush Wednesday. Cheesy or not, whatever. You and your hair fucking rule 💞

aw thank you cutie! I try I try 👼

Anonymous:  youre such a beautiful person it makes me cry

aww I love you!

Anonymous:  pleaseeee post a picture of your black hair pls pls pls (or have you already and I just haven seen it????) 🙈

I had it for like 2 days and I hated it so I went back red lmao

Anonymous:  I'm bi-curious and i got a major crush on you. <3

buy me sushi

Anonymous:  I really hope I don't offend you when I say this because I only mean it as a compliment!! but you look really good as a female! like you look very feminine and it suits you well. I would never have guessed that you were trans if you didnt say so in your faq.

much thank