Anonymous:  So I'm want to let my bf finish inside my bum the next time we have sex but I'm scare it will be weird. What should I do?

ya its great if you dont mind pooping out babies later

Anonymous:  aww that sux your video wasnt half assed it was so cute and was awesome to watch :/ you pulled the cutest faces <3 lol like your face and sound of disgust at the panty creep haha <3 omg you're just perfect <3

aw thank you love!!

Anonymous:  Have you played with the Electric Palette much yet? How is the pigmentation and quality?

It’s amazing I’m in love with how pigmented all the shadows are

Anonymous:  What's worse: full slightly untamed but complete natural brows or badly drawn sperm, thin uneven brows?

sperm eyebrows

iwillfollowjewintothedark:  you tweeted a picture of the keyboard on your phone being a rainbow, how did you do that?

kiwi app ◡̈