Anonymous:  I was really hoping you'd do True Life. I love that show & you and you would have rocked it so hard. ❤️

I just feel like it’s not the best thing for me at this time. thank you tho!!

Anonymous:  thirst followed, self esteem destroyed, and sexuality questioned. I think you've done your job here


Anonymous:  have you ever posted those nudes? hmm

no lol

uglyacid:  Do you bleach your hair? If not, how do you go from color to color? It always takes me forever. It's such a process for me. :)

I let it fade usually and then shampoo it a bunch but my current red hair is permanent :)

Anonymous:  Are you more attracted girls or guys? And what specific traits do you find especially attractive?

guys and intelligence

fauna-rose:  your icon is gorgeous 👌👌👌👌

thank you :’)