Anonymous:  Hello love you're such an amazing, sweet and down to earth woman. You deserve all the happiness in the world. Have a lovely day sweetheart.

aww thank you! you too babe!

geenagood:  I love your hair and i love your blog.

Thank you love :)

Anonymous:  hi! i was wondering what material the choker string is made out of? i have a few allergies, including to latex and leather among others so i just want to make sure i won't have a problem if i purchase them!

Most are made with leather but I have an imitation leather I can use. Just email me or specify with your order that you don’t want yours made with leather :)

Anonymous:  And your jewelry is overpriced for what it is. So make something that is actually worth it. Not something a two year old could make.

Considering how much time and energy I put into making my chokers and shipping out orders they really aren’t. I think you’re just bitter because my chokers actually sell lol. Stay mad.