Anonymous:  why is your latest video on private? i was really looking forward to seeing it :( :)

thovsandyears:  Hi c: I'm looking to buy some new make up brushes. And I don't know the best brand to buy them from and figured you would? If you could give me some nice brans names for the brushes I'd be so thankful. Thank you so much 🌸

i’ve heard real techniques brushes are great! i like a couple of the mac brushes i have but currently i’ve just been using a set of elf brushes that came in a set for $30 dollars and they’re pretty good quality for the price!

Anonymous:  i was willing to pay several hundred for your panties, like c'mon its money for nothing basically

my used panties are the equivalent of Beyoncé’s weave so sashay away

ffucck-0ff:  I think it's so cool how you chose not to go on the show True Life. I mean, it would have been nice to see you doing your thing on TV (bc you're a very inspirational person) Most people would have done it for the "fame" but the fact that you're not doing it for your own personal well being is awesome :) much love for your self respect :]

aww thank you I appreciate that :)


 New Q&A! : Red Hair, True Life, & Cats!

Anonymous:  I was really hoping you'd do True Life. I love that show & you and you would have rocked it so hard. ❤️

I just feel like it’s not the best thing for me at this time. thank you tho!!